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Branding and Marketing is a process, not a product. Process is the key. Creating deliverables and achieving those deliverables. 425 Media can do as much as needed. Some clients we just advise. Others send us emails and have use do their marketing for them. Each author is different and each marketing plan is different as well.At a high level, here is how we approach author internet marketing and branding:
  • We assess your current marketing state and the health of your author brand.
  • 425 Media then Creates an author’s “brand plan” by evaluating your specific author needs and desires.
  • We then create a plan to build the fundamentals for internet marketing
  • Coach the author on how to, with the least amount of effort, produce the highest valued content that produces results
  • Then, after the fun stuff is done, we work with the author to implement and execute our new internet marketing and branding plan by providing detailed deliverables.
How do we measure our success? A number of ways, but from a technical standpoint, we place analytics (computer code from Google) on your website to determine where traffic (people) is coming from. This way we can see if the marketing that we are doing online is effective. These reports are yours and it is a way that you can see how we are performing.Our strong suite is being able to make the technical aspects of internet marketing understandable to folks that are not “internet savvy”. I assume that everyone has the same amount of internet knowledge as my mother does… and that isn’t much. We build from there.

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Author Website Design

Your website is YOUR spot on the internet, and the only online property that you truly have control over. 425 Media maximizes your exposure starting with your website

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Author Platform Tuning

Most authors have a platform already, but need assistance tuning it for maximum results. Let us assess your current platform and provide you with actionable suggestions.

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Author Marketing

Whether you have released many books or are just starting your publishing journey, 425 Media can provide you an Author Marketing Plan that works!

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Author and Book Video Marketing

Creating videos is getting easier and easier. Video is a GREAT way to connect to your reader base as well as well as reinforcing your author brand. We provide video and media services to our authors and can use this media to SELL MORE BOOKS!

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